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Banana Lounge Job Search Tips

Greetings all,

How frustrating is it to be out of work? Lets face it – looking for a job really sucks and on top of that your friends and family expect you to be in full time employment. There’s no doubt that being without a job really puts a dent in your self esteem.

All that searching, all those dead ends. All those companies that don’t even bother getting back to you – and it’s not like you didn’t make an effort to meet their requirements. All that takes time…

Imagine though what your job search would be like if you were still able to play golf or sun yourself on the beach whilst in the background things were happening to get you that job you always wanted. How sensational would that be?

Welcome to the world of Virtual Assistants!

What the?

How about we use an example of someone looking for a job in Sydney?

You basically need someone to distribute your resume and cover letter to relevant companies in the area. For instance you might have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and you could be looking for a job in the following categories:

Mechanical Engineering
Product Development
Other Engineering roles

By using the services of a Virtual Assistant you could get them to;

  • Find suitable companies in Sydney using Google, specific websites or even the general job search sites
  • Find a contact and address
  • Research the company for points of discussion
  • Incorporate the research in a cover letter template for the suitable company contact
  • Proofread the cover letter and apply to the job with a supplied resume
  • Schedule a follow up email within ten days

Whoa wait a minute. That’s a bit too much responsibility to delegate? Ok, how about you agree to approve the first three cover letters to make the content is OK and if you’re alright with their style let the Virtual Assistant submit them directly.

Believe me it’s all possible – Gate Lounge can show you how.

Until next time,

Greg Mullane