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Top 10 Job Interview Tips


Ok, congratulations! You’ve just landed an interview for that job you’ve always dreamed about. The big day for the meeting has almost arrived but you’re not sure how you should prepare. Let’s discuss ten things that you can do to help you get ready for a session that could potentially land you the job of a lifetime.

1. Research the company you are being interviewed by, including its LinkedIn profile, and learn as much as you can about its people, products, services and performance. Use this information in answering questions at the interview. Show the interviewer that you’ve done your research. Wikipedia is also a good place to look for company centric information.

2. Google the names of the people that will be interviewing you and find out all you can about them. Let them know what you know about them at the interview and ask them relevant questions related to their interests. LinkedIn is also a perfect place to go to learn more about people that work for the company.

3. Arrive 10 minutes before the job interview. This demonstrates that you are keen for the role and it gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself mentally before you step into the interview.

4. Dress to impress – first impressions are very, very important. You basically have 3 seconds before the individuals meeting form their first opinions of you.

5. Smile! Immediately build rapport with the person you are meeting with. The interviewing and hiring of people is not an exact science. In fact for any position there is a lot of risk for the company doing the hiring and at the end of the day, people like hiring people they like. Get along with interviewer from the get go.

6. Be positive about everything especially past employers. Pay particular attention to this and don’t deviate. You may be baited in the interview to discuss what you didn’t like about previous roles. Don’t fall into the trap of dumping on your previous bosses or companies that you’ve worked for.

7. Use examples of your past work experience to highlight your strengths. Have some war stories that you can you use and emphasize your achievements. Think about things you were proud of, things that you were acknowledged for and use these examples in the interview,

8. Have 3 questions to ask at the end of the interview – write them down so you don’t forget. Remember, it’s ok to refer to your notes when you ask them.

9. Be ready for typical questions that are asked at job interviews. There are plenty of websites that have examples – study them and be prepared.

10. Always send a follow up thank you note to the person/s that interviewed you and highlight what your strengths are and what you can bring to the company

I wish you well in your job pursuit – go get ‘em!

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All the best,

Greg Mullane